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Several units support data analysis and reporting at MU including:

  • Institutional Research
  • Enrollment Management
  • Division of Research, Innovation & Impact
  • Graduate School
  • Office of the Provost

In addition, external data sources that include MU data are useful for bench-marking with other institutions.

Please note that while some data sets below are available to the public, others require MU login and access to the specific reporting tool indicated.

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Undergraduate Career Outcomes

Undergraduate Studies

Degrees Conferred

Institutional Research

Enrollment, Completions and Student Success

Reports and Dashboards
Enrollment Management
Login required (MU faculty/staff), Cognos instructions

Student Enrollment

Institutional Research

Academic Analytics

Comparative Benchmarking Data by Department
Institutional Research
Login required (designated administrators)

Research and Teaching

Department Overviews
Office of the Provost
Login required (MU faculty/staff) Cognos instructions

Research Analytics

By School/College and Department
Division of Research, Innovation & Impact

Common Data Set

Institutional Research

National Academy Members

Institutional Research


By College/School and Department
Institutional Research
Login required (MU faculty/staff), Tableau site: UMC, Tableau Server instructions


Faculty and Staff Counts
Institutional Research