Misty Haskamp

Senior Director for MU Analytics
  • Lead MU Analytics.

Mardy Eimers, PhD

Executive Director for MU Institutional Research
  • Lead MU Office of Institutional Research.
  • Work with Provost’s staff, the Chief Data Officer, and MU Analytics to carryout campus Institutional Research priorities.
  • Help coordinate campus committees and projects as they arise. Examples in the past include data needs and analysis regarding faculty satisfaction, campus climate, student engagement, and academic program review.
  • Support campus strategic planning efforts including performance metrics, action plans and strategies.
  • Help facilitate and assist in decisions tied to Academic Analytics and Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation efforts.
  • Active participation and leadership in Association for Institutional Research (AIR), American Association of Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE), and the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE).

Jared Beasley

Data Analyst I for MU Institutional Research
  • Lead analyst for MU graduate outcomes survey, COACHE faculty satisfaction and exit/retention surveys, NSSE, faculty salary equity, and MU and AAU Campus Climate Surveys.
  • Design surveys and conduct ad hoc data analysis as needed.
  • Facilitate and provide project management consultation for quality improvement projects.

Ann Patton

Programmer Analyst for MU Institutional Research
  • Data integrity lead for MU institutional research data. Works with UM System and campus colleagues to ensure data are consistent, reliable, accessible and integrated.
  • Serve as a liaison and advocate within MU and also between MU and UM System to find solutions and enhancements to data/reporting needs.
  • Provide data and analysis to internal and external campus constituencies. This includes information and analysis for state/federal compliance reporting, accreditation and review and departmental survey and data exchange submissions.
  • MU IR lead for annual faculty and staff salary analysis, financial aid analysis, graduate stipends and graduation rate analysis and comparisons.

Jessica Ritter

Data Analyst I for MU Institutional Research
  • Responsible for responding to and completing external guide and ranking surveys.
  • Updates Common Data Set

Kerri Urban

Data Analyst II for MU Institutional Research
  • Key metric data integration and reporting.
  • Data transformation and analysis for internal and external reporting.
  • Support ad hoc data and analytic requests from senior leadership.
  • AAUDE Tuition and Required Fees exchange item, lead subject matter expert.

Katie Wheeler

Data Analyst I for Enrollment Management

Brandon Wolak

Data Analyst I for Undergraduate Studies

Katherine Woodruff

Data Analyst I for Dean of Engineering
  • Gather and analyze data to support College of Engineering strategic initiatives.
  • Produce data reports and dashboards to facilitate ad hoc data and analytic projects.
  • Assist with data process improvements that benefit the College of Engineering and MU more broadly.
  • Maintain documentation for data management, analysis, and reporting activities.

Christy Ludeman

Business Support Specialist II for University Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research
  • Assistant to the leads of University Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research (UDAIR).
  • Coordinates general office duties, produces fiscal and budget summaries and adheres to human resources policies and procedures.
  • Answers routine questions about the University and/or directs inquiries to the appropriate analyst.
  • Responsible for scheduling travel, conferences, and meetings.
  • Prepares documents for web posting, new hires, and UDAIR.